Are you Hungry?

The laborer’s appetite works for him, His hunger drives him on. – Proverbs 16:26

You may be reading this devotion at the start of your day or you might be reading it before you go to sleep; perhaps you are reading it during your lunch break or perhaps you’re working through it at the dinner table with friends or family. Wherever you are right now and whatever you are doing, would you describe yourself as satisfied? “Satisfied” probably means different things to different people, but at its core it should include an element of contentment.

Sometimes when I ask people if they are satisfied or content they look at me as if I am mad. Between trying to hold down a job, maintain a home, perhaps keeping a spouse happy, trying their best to bring up their children properly, trying to arrange lifts to and from sporting and other activities, shopping, maintaining a social life, and then perhaps on top of all of these things attempting to be committed to regular worship and involved in the life of the church, the general feeling is that being satisfied or content is a luxury that will have to wait ‘until I get on top of things, get a promotion, I go on long leave, the children leave home, and I retire!’ Perhaps you are breathless from just reading the last paragraph and any feeling of satisfaction or contentment that was trying to take hold in your life has departed.

It needn’t be so. That’s right, it needn’t be so! You can be satisfied. There is absolutely no need for anyone on this planet to have to say that they can’t get any satisfaction. Jesus has promised satisfaction. The Proverb before us today tells us that our appetite works for us. That’s interesting, isn’t it? Many people believe and live as if they need to work for their appetite, but no, your appetite can work for you. Your hunger can drive you on.

Drive you on to what? Well, it will drive you to whatever it needs to be satisfied. Now you don’t need to look very far around you to see the negative effects of inappropriate appetites, but the good news is that if you hunger and thirst for righteousness, if that is the hunger that drives you, your appetite will work for you and You Will Be Satisfied. On another occasion Jesus will say that if you seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness then many other things will be added unto you. Hunger and thirst for righteousness, long for it, pray for it, hope for it, desire it and watch the appetite work for you.

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