Zac Poonen

Zac Poonen

Zac Poonen was formerly an Indian Naval Officer who has been serving the Lord in India for nearly 50 years as a Bible-teacher. He has responsibility for a number of churches in India and abroad.

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    Feeling Inferior

    Scientists tell us that no two snowflakes anywhere in the world have the same patterns. Likewise, no two human beings anywhere in the world are completely alike. God…

    sunset clouds

    The Kingdom Of God

    In Math 6:9,10 Jesus taught us to pray “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come….” True salvation should give us a longing to be…


    Confidence In God’s Love

    God had great plans in mind for Adam and Eve, when He created them. But these plans could not be fulfilled apart from their being tested. And so…

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